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                                Posting Guidelines

        Welcome to our Retail Service Industry Forums!  Thank you for participating in our community! Please read all of these posting guidelines before registering or posting.  This is a FREE service!

1. If you break our posting rules, your post may be deleted & you may be blocked from further use.

2.  You can view any topics/posts in our forums, so you only need to register if you are a recruiter or scheduler.

3.  You can only view the Recruiters/Schedulers Haven if you are a registered member, you should only register and become a member if you are posting jobs.

4.  When you register as a member use the name of the company you are posting for or a variation of the name, so applicants will immediately know what company is doing the posting, no handles as your "user name", if you are a staffing company or recruitment firm, use the name of the company you work for, even though you may be posting on the behalf of other companies.  You can use a variation of your name, but we prefer you to use your company name.  We want this to be a friendly atmosphere where we can get to know one another.  You will not be accepted into our forums if you break this rule, NO anonymous post!

5.  When you post work, list the cities and/or states in the title line with a meaningful title, like the job title, be specific.  If you are posting numerous States you can use terms like "midwest", "southeast", "northeast" or "nationwide in the USA".  Here is an example: "Reset Merchandisers needed in numerous locations in the Northeast, $14 an hour".  Then list your details in the message of the body.

6.  Make sure to include your contact information in your post since we do not want people replying to your post, we want them replying to you for the work!

7.  Which means if you are seeking work you do not need to register with us, since you are not allowed to reply to posts.  You are to reply to the contact info supplied in each post instead, directly connecting you to the person offering the work.

8.  If you are a job seeker reading this, please fill out our quick simple online application instead.  That way we can pass your information on to recruiters and schedulers looking to hire you in your area of expertise.  You can unsubscribe at anytime by emailing us and this service is FREE to you.  Apply today!

9.  Do not post anything in ALL CAPS, this is considered rude and yelling, do not do it in the message or in the title.  Please however include as much useful information about the work opportunity as possible.

10.  Also the Recruiters/Schedulers Haven you can post away and reply away to each other and say pretty much what you want to about field issues and such, but please no foul language and nothing sexually explicit.  Keep in mind we are not liable for people's opinions or posts or replies to posts.  Only contact us if someone has been offensive or illegal in their posts. 

11.  You must include your contact information in job posts, so you must include your email address and your companies name in your posts, but do not list your home phone number.  We will not be held liable for someone abusing phone numbers.  Also, do not ever put your home address in your posts, you can, however, leave your companies corporate address information if you want and corporate contact numbers only.

12.  Please make sure you post your work in the right category of work.  Only make one post per assignment or client.  Which means, same job description, but different cities/states = One Post.  Different job descriptions equal different posts.  You can always edit your posts if you need to change something or add something later.  (Of course you will need to be logged in to do this).  You can though post a job in numerous categories if you want to, for example if you are a construction company that will be doing construction work and installations, you can post your job in both categories, retail construction and installations.

13.  Do not posts under multiple user names.  You should only be registered once with us.

14.  We do not tolerate spamming and will actively track down spammers and contact isp's to have accounts terminated if you try to spam on our boards.

15.  We reserve the right to at any time and without prior notice and at our sole discretion to remove or edit any post that we deem not suitable, inappropriate, offensive or otherwise not acceptable to us.  By registering you agree to these terms and indemnify this website and it's owners and/or any affiliates of this site and hold us blameless from any claims, actions, proceedings or liabilities arising out of any of our terms or conditions that you violate and/or from any unforeseen event that may occur from your use of our website  and you are solely responsible for any statements that you make in any posts.

16.  Once you post work on our site, submissions become the property of Retail Service Industry.  We reserve the right to republish any material contributed by our registered members.  By posting on our forums you expressly grant us the right to republish the content in any form, however, if you want to reproduce or republish information from our forums you need written permission to do so.  You can email us with your request and explanation of your request. 

17.  If you want to link to our site, most of the time, we will have no problem with that request and encourage you to do so, however you need to request written permission to do so, so we can verify the site content of where you want to link us to.

18.  We also reserve the right to change, update, add to or remove anything from these guidelines at our discretion at any time without prior notice.

19.  If there are categories or things you'd like to see added to our site and functionality, please let us know, we welcome comments and suggestions.  You can contact us with this link:  Contact US.

Thank you for your contributions and we hope you enjoy our forums and we hope you find it useful!  Click here to access the forums!

                                                    Copyright 2006 Retail Service Industry, Inc.  All rights reserved.


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